It's very simple to prepare for a driving license test in Ukraine!

Take training Learn and acquire the knowledge you need. In the "References" section we have collected and continue to accumulate all the most important things for a modern motorist.
Take tests Do tests, ask questions and make use of the help of experts. Realistic 3D illustrations and modern training methods will help you with mastering information.
Pass the exam! Take the exam at a service center when you're ready. Believe me, this is not as difficult as it seems at first glance!
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    Если имеются в виду вопросы на сайте Главного Сервисного Центра, то у них возможны неточности в экзаменационных вопросах.

    Які зовнішні світлові пристрої повинні бути ввімкнені на гужових возах (санях) під час руху в темну пору доби незалежно від ступеня освітлення дороги?

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    Раньше данный вопрос звучал немного по другому, и соответственно, для ответа на него необходимо было основываться на п. 3.4. Теперь же, скорее всего, что при ответе на данный вопрос приходится основываться на п. 3.1. , что водители оперативных транспортных средств, выполняя неотложное служебное задание, могут отступать от требований разделов 8 (кроме сигналов регулировщика), 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 26, 27 и пункта 28.1. данных Правил при условии включения проблескового маячка синего или красного цвета и специального звукового сигнала и обеспечения безопасности дорожного движения.

    Чи дозволено Вам виконати обгін одиночного транспортного засобу, що рухається з увімкненим синім проблисковим маячком?

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    Almost everyone imagined as if he or she is driving a car. To make this dream come true you need not so much to do: it's enough to take courses in a driving school, to learn the Traffic Rules of Ukraine, to train driving and, ultimately, to get a driving license on having passed exams. Judging by the amount of cars crashes on the roads of our country as well as their major reasons, driver's training still remains insufficient. It's not a secret in what way "driving license" is issued in a driving school. Unfortunately, the eradication of corruption is only at the initial stage in Ukraine. But positive trends of this work are visible. Currently, the function to carry out driving license exam is assigned to Major Service Center of Ukraine (MSC). Professionals of the center presented absolutely new and unique system of testing young drivers. Whereas we had been working side by side with them, so we tried to help them to embody the concepts as soon as possible and, finally, to legislate radically new improved program of testing which comply with European standards.