Privacy policy

Monolith Publishing House (hereinafter referred to as Monolith) respects the privacy rights of online visitors and users of Monolith products and services. Monolith recognizes the importance of protecting information obtained from users, and applies this privacy policy to inform users about the collection, storage and processing of information related to the use of Monolith products, services and websites. This policy is valid as of the last revision. However, it is important to note that from time to time this policy may be amended to reflect changes and additions to the privacy policy. Before relying on privacy policy, check out the latest version of the document.

Collection of information

Users of Monolith websites, products and services give their consent to the collection and processing of their personal identification data by Monolith Publishing House. By personal identification data is meant information provided by users when creating a green-way account, as well as during any exchange of information with Monolith regarding the use of a green-way account. Monolith does not transfer personal identification data to third parties, except as specified in this policy. In order to analyze consumer behavior, product use scenarios and demographic characteristics of individual users and groups, Monolith also processes anonymous data (including summary data). This anonymous data does not identify the users with whom they are associated. Monolith may transfer anonymous data (including summary data) to third parties.

Personal Identification

“Personal Identity” is information that can be used as a unique identifier for a user’s identity, such as a name, address, or credit card number. For users from EU countries, the term; personal identification data; equivalent to the term; personal data; (Article 2 a) of Directive 95/46 of October 24, 1995). Personal identification information may be requested at the time of entry into the system, as well as when using products, services and Monolith websites. Monolith collects personal identification data on a voluntary basis, but for some Monolith products and services, personal data collection may be mandatory, for example, if it is necessary to gain access to a product or service, or to complete an order.

Use of personal identification data

Personal identification data is used within Monolith publishing house for the delivery, development and improvement of products, content and services to which users have subscribed, as well as for responding to user requests. In addition, Monolith may allow third parties located in or outside the European Union to provide services under a contract with Monolith, such as processing orders and payments, accompanying orders, and also provide these parties with access to personal identification data and information. The possibility of their use, but only to the extent necessary to provide the above services.

Monolith can use personal identification data of users to send information about Monolith, including news about product updates, contests, events and other marketing materials, but only if users have expressed a desire to receive such mailings. Monolith does not transfer personal identification data to third parties for marketing purposes without the consent of users.

When you create a green-way account, Monolith saves the user name and e-mail address, as well as, at the request of the user, his first and last name. Depending on the settings, users can agree to the availability of their data for searching and viewing by other green-way users. Monolith assumes no obligation to maintain the confidentiality of personal data that the user has disclosed to other users through the green-way service or other software "Monolith", for example, through multi-user chat or other publicly available functions.

External websites and companies that link to the websites and products of Monolith, which, in turn, are linked to websites and products of Monolith, may collect personal identification data of users. Monolith’s privacy policy does not apply to external websites, companies and third-party publishers that collect personal identification information posted on Monolith, which link to Monolith products or websites or are mentioned in products and websites. Monolith". The collection and processing of personal data in such cases is governed by the privacy policies of the respective companies and websites.

Monolith may disclose personal identification information at the request of judicial or law enforcement authorities. In the event of a reorganization, sale, or merger, a company may transfer personal identification data to relevant third parties with the user's consent, if required by law.

By accepting this agreement, you consent to the processing of your personal data in accordance with the Law of Ukraine "Protection of personal data". Resource administration undertakes not to transfer personal data to third parties, except as otherwise provided by the current legislation of Ukraine. The user can send a request to delete an account at any time by writing an appeal to or using the "Feedback" form. The data will be deleted after confirmation of the request by the moderator.

Cookies and other data stored on the user's computer

Monolith products, services and websites may use cookies and other technologies, such as web beacons and pixel tags. Cookies are electronic information units that can be transferred to a user's hard disk to set up a product or website, store information about a user’s access to a website or product, and store information that a user regularly needs. The use of cookies is usually associated with websites. For example, when entering the green-way, Monolith stores your user ID, a combination of IP address and login time as a cookie on your hard disk. This cookie allows you to navigate between pages without having to re-enter the system on each page. Similarly, if you enter information such as age data within a session, it will be saved as a cookie, and you will not need to re-enter this information during this session. We may also use third-party web analytics tools that use cookies to collect non-personal information related to the use of our websites, such as referring website addresses, page views and browser types.

Choice / rejection

Monolith provides users with the opportunity to receive an e-mail from the Monolith. Users may refuse to receive these messages. Instructions on how to cancel the advertising campaign Monolith are sent to users in e-mail messages.

Changes, updates and deletion of personal data

If you are concerned about the accuracy of the personal data stored by Monolith, you want to view, access, make changes and correct them, or delete personal data from Monolith records or deactivate them in any other way,contact us. The company reserves the right to reject repeated requests, as well as requests whose satisfaction is associated with too great technical difficulties, jeopardizes the privacy of other users or is extremely impractical.

Contact Monolith

If you have questions or complaints regarding this Monolith privacy policy, contact us.




March 4, 2015